OSHA conducted Record number of inspections in 2019


A recent report from the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration provided final statistics for the 2019 fiscal year, highlighting the significant increase in inspections and compliance assistance from OSHA’s tireless focus on worker safety.

2019 saw the most conducted inspections by Federal OSHA in the past four years, totaling a whopping 33,401 inspections. As well as 137,885 identified workplace hazards and a record 1,392,611 trained workers resulting in 3.2 million workers protected from potential harm.

These new statistics show how imperative it is to be prepared and have a plan for an inevitable OSHA inspection.

Educate and Train

Keep employees up-to-date on OSHA filings and standards that may affect your industry. Just this fall OSHA released a new NFPA Combustible Dust standard and though the deadline is a year away, they are already issuing citations for those who don’t currently comply.

Conduct Self-Inspections

Regularly evaluate facilities and ensure that required documentation is completed, updated and accurate.

Most importantly, Have A Plan

Conducted OSHA inspections are rising. Having a plan on how to handle them is crucial. Understand any variances and penalties of OSHA Inspections and how you can defend against any citations and designate employees to handle inspections. Our attorneys are always happy to present about OSHA topics and best practices to help educate and prepare our clients and their employees.


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