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Non-Compete Agreements

A non-compete agreement, or a covenant not to compete, is a clause under which one party agrees not to enter into or start a similar profession in competition against another party during a reasonable period of time and a set geographic area. At Pappas Grubbs Price PC, our non-compete lawyers represent both employees and employers in the drafting, advising, reviewing, pursuing and defending the execution of non-compete agreements and in litigating non-compete disputes.

For employers, proprietary information and trade secrets, such as, customer lists, marketing plans, intellectual property, confidential product and process design and business practices are of critical importance to any company. The misappropriation of trade secrets, or the breach of noncompete agreements, must be addressed aggressively, effectively and decisively.

For employees, it is helpful to know the defenses against a non-compete agreement, including: breach of contact, reasonable restrictions in the geographical limits, time period, and description of employee’s activities.

Since there are various ways that non-compete agreements can be attacked, employers as well as employees should hire attorneys who have immense experience in dealing with non compete agreements.

Our non-compete attorneys have experience drafting, advising, reviewing and in litigating non-compete agreements. Schedule a consultation with us today for assistance in your non-compete matter. Contact us today!