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Any lawyer who spends time in the courtroom knows that the case may not end with the jury verdict. Appeals to the higher courts are normal and expected, particularly in cases that raise novel and important issues of law.

As a result, Pappas Grubbs Price PC includes lawyers who specialize in appellate law and who are available at every stage of the litigation process. Our appellate lawyers handle important motions in the trial court, requests for extraordinary relief, and appeals to the higher courts in both the state and federal systems. We have significant experience before the US Supreme Court, the US Courts of Appeals, the Texas State Courts of Appeals. Our firm provides appellate help for firm clients, and for lawyers at other firms who need similar assistance for their clients.

Our clients often face claims that pose a real threat to their financial condition and reputation in the marketplace. We recognize the importance of identifying the controlling legal questions early, and advising the client of the best way to resolve them in an efficient and effective manner.

Pappas Grubbs Price PC also recognizes the value of reducing uncertainty in this type of litigation, and works towards a resolution of important legal issues early in the litigation process so the client can make educated decisions at the appropriate time. Our appellate section has the experience and expertise to counsel and advise clients on significant legal issues that may arise as part of, or outside, the litigation process.

For assistance in filing an appeal contact our office.