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At Pappas Grubbs Price PC our OSHA team has significant experience in dealing with the US Department of Labor in its investigation of industrial fatalities and reportable incidents.

With several of the firm’s partners significantly versed and experienced in this work, we are able to perform 24/7 rapid response on-site coordination with our clients, many times arriving on site prior to any appearance by OSHA personnel. We assist our clients in their crisis management and investigation of serious incidents as well as in their overall dealings with OSHA and other governmental entities. Our OSHA team attorneys have represented our clients in hundreds of OSHA investigations over the past 20 years. We have access to several experts and consultants, each with significant OSHA experience. These experts and consultants include former OSHA investigators, a former OSHA Area Director, professional engineers, safety professionals and reconstructionists.

Few firms in the United States can match our experience in handling OSHA matters. Perhaps no other firm in Texas has the depth and hands-on experience in working with OSHA’s various Texas regional offices. The proof of our expertise is the fact that SWP has been retained on nearly every large scale OSHA event in Texas in the past two years.  Chances are that if it was in the news, we were probably involved as OSHA counsel in the matter. Moreover, because many states follow the OSHA federal guidelines, we have been able to coordinate with clients and employers in other states to assist them in dealing with an OSHA investigation, and in responding to OSHA Citations. We have years of hands-on experience guiding employers as to their compliance with often byzantine OSHA reporting requirements, as well as helping our clients assert their rights throughout the OSHA investigation process, presenting employee witnesses for OSHA interviews, coordinating site and evidence inspections, and responding to OSHA subpoenas and document requests.

We have successfully reduced monetary penalties issued to our clients on hundreds of citations, and have been able to get citations deleted or vacated in their entirety. With an eye towards the Plaintiffs’ bar’s frequent attempted use of OSHA Citations in subsequent litigation, we have been able to modify and change citations classified as “Willful”or “Repeat” to be reclassified as “Serious,” and from “Serious” to “Other than Serious.” Our OSHA attorneys have successfully mediated hundreds of cases with OSHA at the informal settlement conference stage. When OSHA Citations cannot be settled favorably for our clients, we frequently file Notice of Contest to challenge citations, and litigate those citations successfully against the Department of Labor. The OSHA Area Directors are on a first name basis with our OSHA team leaders, and know our firm. More importantly, they know we will litigate Citations against OSHA in OSHRC matters. Upon resolution of the Citations, we work with our clients to finalize the OSHA citation abatement process.

We are a full service, moment of crisis to final resolution team.

Equipped with over 20 years of experience our attorneys have secured favorable rulings for hundreds of businesses and individuals in OSHA investigations. Contact our office today for assistance in your OSHA matter.

For any OSHA questions you may have please contact the following attorneys through the links below or by visiting their profiles through the ‘Attorneys’ menu above.

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