Computer Manufacturer Found Not Liable


Computer Manufacturer Found Not Liable In Products Liability Lawsuit

It took 20 minutes for a Rusk County jury to decide that the firm’s client, a major computer manufacturer, was not liable for severe fire damage to a house allegedly caused by a defective computer monitor. Pappas Grubbs Price, P.C. attorneys Joseph A. Garnett and William H. Whitaker represented the computer manufacturer at trial. The firm’s client was sued by a homeowner’s insurance company seeking reimbursement for the cost of repairs to the home.

The case went to trial on August 18, 2008. The property insurance carrier put on evidence that a diode on the circuit board inside the computer monitor malfunctioned causing the fire. The defendant computer manufacturer responded with physical evidence that was consistent with a fire originating outside the monitor rather than inside the monitor. Additionally, evidence was introduced showing that there was not enough energy in the monitor to start a fire and that the monitor was manufactured using materials that were self-extinguishing. Other electrical appliances on the computer hutch where the fire started, including a telephone and speakers, were not preserved by the property insurance carrier so the true cause and origin of the fire could not be determined.

Mr. Joseph A. Garnett and Mr. William H. Whitaker regularly represent product manufacturers in products liability cases. Mr. Garnett also handles complex business disputes, breach of contract and commercial litigation cases for both plaintiffs and defendants. Mr. Garnett is board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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