New Email Notification- Re: You’ve been served


The Supreme Court of Texas announced a new order today amending the Texas rules of Civil Procedure 106 and 108a.

Revision to Rule 106. Method of Service now allows courts to permit service of citation through means of social media, email or other technology as a substituted service if traditional means such as in-person or through certified mail are not successful. Whether the technology belongs to the defendant and defendants use of the technology must also be considered when determining whether to permit electronic service of process.

If electronic service is denied, substituted service can also be performed by leaving a copy of the citation with anyone at the location who is older than sixteen.

Revision to 108a. Service of Process in Foreign Countries was revised to clarify that these “other means” of service must not be prohibited by international agreement.

These changes take effect December 31, 2020.

You can view this order at .